Frequent BLS training

With our Virtual Reality software, you can have Basic Life Support training in-house in your organisation. Redo Reality BLS programme gives an opportunity for your staff to train in life support more frequently, at a fraction of the cost of offline training, which will improve the skills of the medical staff in your organisation.


You can conduct training as much as you want, as you want - the training solution provides complete flexibility on timing and amount of usage.


With concentrated, one-to-one learning, your staff can refresh their skills in a lot quicker manner, saving of up to 50% of time in training.

Realistic simulation

Our realistic environment makes the simulation a lot more engaging and effectively prepares trainees for real world scenarios.

What is Redo Reality BLS?

Affordable Virtual Reality Basic Life Support training for medical staff. By using VR software for your training, healthcare professionals can now have frequent training that can be taken at any time of the day, to suit their busy schedule.


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